360 Photo Booth Party Deco

Rent a 360 degrees photo booth at JumpJump Sarasota Florida - party equipment rental

🌀 Jump into a world of endless fun with JumpJump Multiverse’s 360 Photo Booth! Capture every angle, every laugh, and every memory. 🌀

🎈 Occasions to Remember: Whether it’s a wedding to seal eternal love or a milestone birthday bash, our 360 Photo Booth is here to revolve around your joyous moments, ensuring every second is snapped from the best angles. Envision a bride twirling in her gown, or the birthday star surrounded by confetti – every moment becomes an iconic shot!

🔥 Key Features:

  • 360-Degree Experience: No more missing out on the action! Capture photos and videos in a full circle of fun.
  • Instant Mobile Sharing: Snap it, love it, send it! Get your pics straight to your phone in seconds.
  • Customized Albums: Design and customize your very own memory album to cherish forever.
  • Share the Love: Hosting? No problem! As a host, you’ll get a link to ALL the memories captured.
  • Vibrant Props & Accessories: Dive into our treasure trove of rich photo booth accessories. Perfect for striking that quirky pose.
  • Lush Green Setting: Set the stage with our luxurious lawn carpet , ensuring every click is picture-perfect.

🌟 Extra Add-ons:

  • Light up the night with our Inflatable 16-color Tent or spiral around with the Inflatable 16-color Spiral.
  • Craft the perfect scene with our diverse backdrops & decorations.
  • Need a hand? We offer on-site onsite support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

📍 Location: Dive into the multiverse with us in Sarasota, Florida.
💲 Unbeatable Price – Rent the 360 Photo Booth from just $149 per day!

For corporate events or brand launches, what better way to make a statement than to allow attendees to immerse themselves fully in your brand’s universe? Let them become the center of the show, and with each 360-degree capture, amplify your brand’s reach as they instantly share their experiences across social media.

Party planning has never been this exhilarating. Book today and let your memories spin in 360°!


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