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Party Perfection: Let’s ignite the Magic of Theme Decorations for Kids and Grown-Ups Alike.

Jump into the Adventure with Jump Jump: Rent Mobile Bounce Houses and Castles for Every Occasion.

Make your children’s party unforgettable & boast with a sleepover. Are you ready for Fun?

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Let's turn your occasion into a real blast!

Welcome to JumJump Multiverse, your ultimate destination for thrilling and unforgettable events for kids and teens in Sarasota, Bradenton and Tampa Bay. We’ve got you covered with our incredible range of services that will make your celebrations truly extraordinary.
From themed decoration packages that will transport you to magical worlds, to our fantastic Glamping party packages that will turn sleepovers into extraordinary adventures, and not to forget our exciting selection of bounce houses that will take the fun to new heights. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime with JumJump Multiverse. Let’s transform your event into an epic extravaganza!

Complete Decor Solutions

Get the party started!

Discover the perfect party decoration solutions for both kids and adults with us! We specialize in creating magical and captivating atmospheres that cater to every age group. From whimsical and colorful designs for kids’ parties to sophisticated and elegant themes for adult celebrations like bachelor parties, our creative team has got it all covered.

With our wide range of decorations, including balloons, banners, table centerpieces, backdrops and more, we’ll transform any venue into a party paradise.

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Our Decoration Packages


Make your Babyshower special

$ 310

Girls & Boys


A real Jurassic Party awaits you

$ 310



Embrace the magic of unicorns!

$ 290



Let your imagination soar!

$ 310

Girls & Boys


Unleash the teenage fun

$ 290

Girls & Boys


Experience royal elegance!

$ 310



Dive into a mermaid dream!

$ 310



Enter a world of magic!

$ 290

Girls & Boys


Indulge in sweet delights!

$ 530

Girls & Boys


Twirl into enchantment!

$ 290


... even more Decorations Packages will be Available Soon

Brand-New! Our 360 Photo Booth!

Capture the moment!

Jump into a world of endless fun with JumpJump Multiverse’s 360 PhotoBooth! Capture every angle, every laugh, and every memory.

Party planning has never been this exhilarating. Book today and let your memories spin in 360°!

Rent a 360 degrees photo booth at JumpJump Sarasota Florida - party rental for every occasion with kids and adults

Jump into a Fun Day!

Mobile Bounce Houses in Sarasota

Bounce into Fun: Mobile Thrills in Sarasota & Bradenton for Kids and Teens. Experience boundless joy and excitement as you bounce, jump, and slide in our thrilling mobile bounce houses. With their vibrant designs and safe, inflatable structures, our bounce houses offer a memorable adventure that will leave both kids and adults beaming with delight. More than 8 new Bounce Houses are expected to arrive by October – Let’s Book yours!

Safe Bounce Houses

Safety is our top priority! Our bounce houses are designed with utmost care, ensuring a worry-free bouncing experience for all.

Unique Designs

Discover a world of endless bounce possibilities. From whimsical castles to thrilling bounce adventures: a collection for every occasion and age.

Setup and on-site Support

Rest assured, we've got your back with our reliable on-site support. Our dedicated team will be there to assist you throughout your event, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Check our Bounce Houses for rent

in the greater Sarasota Area

Bounce House Twice Race

Twice the Slide!

$ 220 per day

Girls & Boys

Bounce House Splish Splash

Bouncing & Water Splash

$ 210 per day

Girls & Boys

Bounce House Rolling Fun

Bounce ‘n’ Roll – Rent it today!

$ 49 per day

Girls & Boys

Bounce House Pirates of Florida

Bounce House ‘Pirates of Florida’

$ 210 per day

Girls & Boys

Bounce House Multiplay

The Giant Multiplay

$ 120 per day

Girls & Boys

Bounce House Jump & Fun

Rent the ‘Jump&Fun Bounce House

$ 220 per day

Girls & Boys

... even more bounce houses are on the way and soon available

Partying the night away!

Glamping and Sleepover Parties

Level up your sleepovers with our Glamping at Home packages for kids! Turn your (living) room into a magical campsite with cozy tents, enchanting decorations, and endless fun. Create unforgettable memories with JumJump Multiverse. Book now!

Complete Packages

All-inclusive Glamping at Home packages for kids with cozy tents, comfortable mattresses, and enchanting decorations included.

Unforgettable Sleepovers

Transform your living room into a magical campsite with fun-filled activities and entertainment for an unforgettable sleepover

Beam yourself up

Take your sleepover party to the next level with our top-notch beamer set, complete with our popcorn maker + all the trimmings. Get ready for an epic movie night at your sleepover glamping party.

For Girls and Boys

Sleepover Parties are getting more popular. They are the perfect party match for Girls and Boys alike.


An unforgettable Sleepover Party

Girls & Boys

JumpJump Sarasota Florida Event and Bounce House Rental Children Parties - Glamping and Sleepover Party Equipment Rental 2

Let us sprinkle our enchanting touch on your next celebration, making it a memorable event for everyone, young and young-at-heart.